Żyrardów Loft

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Lofts de Girard

Lofts de Girard are being built as a part of a revitalization project of a century-old cotton mill situated in the historic part of Zyrardow. The history of Zyrardow had always been entwined with the production of linen, which changed dramatically as the result of the political and economic transformation of the 90s. Shutting down of the linen industry left the city with beautiful factory buildings which were no longer in use.

The revitalization entailed redesigning of the cotton mill and changing it into lofts combined with shopping and business facilities on the ground floor. The project of the interior of the 140m2 loft envisaged creating an open space. The two-level interior is 5m high. The reinforced concrete walls construction and historic brick walls have all been painted in white. Other materials used include steel for constructing the mezzanine (also painted in white) and natural wood. Despite its undeniably industrial character, this unique interior feels very cosy and warm.